In late 2008, in an effort to get myself playing more games, I decided to play all 52 scenarios from Scenarios For All Ages by
Charles S Grant and Stuart Asquith. More than that, I decided to play them in order, 1 a week, starting on Nov 5. I knew I wouldn't
manage to play every week so I set a deadline of Dec 31st 2009. With a little help from my friends, I made it with a day to spare.

In the end, I played 52 games in 60 weeks. 34 solo games, 15 face to face games, 3 Play-by-Email mini-campaigns
17 other gamers from 4 countries participated, (Canada 11, US 4, Ireland 1, Argentina 1)

11 'periods' were played - 20/25mm Ancients (3), Prince Valiant 40mm skirmish (9), 40mm 16thC (10),
40mm semi-flat War of Polish Sucession (1), 40mm AWI (2), 40mm Pirate
Skirmish (5), 40mm early 19thC fictional (17), 15mm ACW (1), 25mm Zulu War (1),
20mm WWII (1), 20mm 1960's fictional (2)

I posted a brief report on each game on my webpage. I am shutting down my website so I am re-posting
the reports here, starting at Game #52 so that they will eventually appear in order. The reports were written in a variety of voices and tenses (sometimes all mixed together!) and it was tempting to rewrite them but I have left them as they were originally written with only very minor corrections, particularly to things like links.

To avoid copyright issues and save myself work, I have not given the details of the scenarios. Having a copy of the book will help make sense of the reports. The book may currently be purchased from John Curry at as well as from booksellers like On Military Matters and Caliver.

Monday, October 17, 2011

14 Jan 2008 Scenario 7: Hot Pursuit

This game was played solo using 40mm fictional armies and Hearts of Tin rules.

This scenario seemed perfect for the 16thC Scottish Border Country so I played it out using Rough Wooing but it was on the small side and over in under an hour with Scots escaping with nearly enough troops to count as a victory. So, I decided to reset and play again 1st with MacDuff in the War of 1812, lack of cavalry seriously hindered the British and the US forces marched off with barely a casualty. A sharp clash where the 2nd NY Dragoons routed some Canadian volunteer cavalry early on being decisive.

So I reset Red & Blue and played again using HofT and my glossy toy soldiers. This was the hardest fought game with Larsen's Lancers outflanking the Blue army, catching the 2nd infantry in march column, scattering them and capturing Brigadier Zinn (He can be seen being escorted off the field at left). A subsequent charge onto the 3rd Infantry was repulsed but they earned their pay. The 1st Dragoons repulsed a charge by the Queen's Hussars then fell back but the 2nd Dragoons were caught by the Director General's Bodyguard and cut to pieces. The FTC Rocket Horse Artillery battery was particularly effective, pounding Blue's artillery then catching a troop of dragoons bunched up in the narrow streets of Foamcorburg and dispersing them but the coup de grace came when the Green Tigers stormed up the road through the smoke of the rocket explosions, catching General Scott by surprise and taking him prisoner as well. Another victory for the Red Queen's forces. Has the tide turned?

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